Parallel Search Deluxe

Single Query - Results from Multiple Search Engines Side by Side

Parallel Search Deluxe

Single Query - Results from Multiple Search Engines Side by Side

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Ozar's Parallel Search Deluxe app for the Mac lets you type in your query once and search it across multiple search engines in parallel, and displays the results in a grid of frames obtained from different search engines all at once. The grid can consist of columns and/or rows, the number of which you can control from the toolbar. You can then view the initial search results in this grid of split browser frames with the possibility of a side-by-side comparison. After that, you can keep browsing in the application's simple browser, or open the links in your favorite web browser.  

You can use the pre-defined list of search engines such as Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, Ecosa, Yahoo, and Yandex, even online sources of reference such as Wikipedia, exclude or remove unwanted ones. You can even add your own favorite sites such as Reddit for inclusion in parallel searches.

You can also use Parallel Search as a web browser to visit multiple websites in one window under one tab.

Why Parallel Search?

Some search engines are more popular than others, but no single one of them is perfect. When you can't find something you're looking for using one search engine, there is always a chance of finding it using another, but manually searching in others is very time-consuming. Sometimes you get a similar set of results on the first page of each search engine, sometimes you don't. The problem is you never know if or when. Ozar's Parallel Search solves this problem by searching your terms through the engines defined in your preferences. 

Are you a techie?

Because even a wide-spread search engine such as Google excludes one or more specific results for something 'niche' you suppose to find on a site like StackOverflow, while an alternative search engine will show it in its results. Tired of manually checking every other search engine? Let Parallel Search do it for you. 

Doing SEO?

You can quickly check how well do certain search terms/keywords perform on different search engines - specifically the ones you specify in the app's preferences. 

Parallel Search
Parallel Search adding a new search engine

Parallel Search in Vertical Columns  mode

System requirements for Parallel Search

- macOS 10.13 or later

 Parallel Search will run on macOS versions as early as High Sierra 10.13 and as new as macOS 14 Sonoma.