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Faydalı Bir Site


An online magazine in Turkish that builds upon the existing content of GO-Blog, and picks up where it left off. It features more of self-help, info-tainment as well as edu-tainment, and it even has a YouTube channel. You can post your own stories, lists, memes and pictures on this medium.


A UK-based IT consulting and software services company that sponsored the design, coding and the hosting of this website. Arcler is also a reseller of Navicat database design, development and utility software which you can get often with lower rates than the market.


V (retro)

Giant spaceships appear in the skies of the major cities of the world and soon they make contact saying that they come in peace and they want to cooperate with Earthlings. A small band of people skeptical of the visitors' intentions, start a resistance movement against them.