Sample web application created with CodeIgniter Wizard

Scaffolding of your dream web application instantly done

CodeIgniter Wizard generates PHP web applications with responsive views in a matter of seconds.

CodeIgniter Wizard quickly creates an advanced starting point for MySQL/MariaDB database-driven web applications with administrative interfaces.

With its database-first approach, CodeIgniter wizard asks you to select tables and fields from a MySQL or MariaDB database, and then it automatically generates code making up the models, views and controllers - even the new CodeIgniter 4 entities, supporting standard database CRUD operations namely create, read, update and delete. It even creates a sidebar and (dashboard) home pages automatically using some of the basic data from your generated modules - and with a responsive layout!

Producing code following MVC-design-pattern

After you select a database table and the residing columns, CodeIgniter Wizard generates the following code files:

  • Entity classes (conforming PSR-compliant namespaces)
  • Model classes (conforming PSR-compliant namespaces)
  • Controller Classes (conforming PSR-compliant namespaces)
  • Form view files (using a Bootstrap4-based responsive template)
  • List (grid) views files (using a Bootstrap4-based responsive template)
  • Admin Dashboard Page (using a Bootstrap4-based responsive template)

You can then take the generated web app as a code-base to build upon with your custom development or scrape parts of the generated code for reuse in another application since the generated code is especially clean, portable and reusable.

How much time do you spend writing boilerplate PHP code yourself?

Even if copying & pasting from your existing code base?

You surely want to delegate your routine PHP boilerplate coding tasks to CodeIgniter Wizard such as writing entity modelling, writing out field attributes, HTML form controls, style classes, input sanitization and form validation - not to mention wiring all these up in controller class methods and joined SQL queries. The simple, intuitive user interface of CodeIgniter Wizard is designed to help you get the job done as fast as possible.

Doing What a Good Coder Would Do - Only way Faster!

Not only to just get the job done, but doing it automatically the way the developer would. Unlike most other code generators, CodeIgniter Wizard produces code which a human normally write using the best practices of the used framework. So what's the difference between a good developer and CodeIgniter Wizard? CodeIgniter Wiz does it correctly the first time and in seconds.

Every feature added to CodeIgniter Wizard was conceived and designed with the developer in mind in addressing a repetitive, time-consuming task, so that it could be delegated to the computer and let the developer focus on creativity than spending time on mundane coding tasks.

Subtle, Yet Advanced Features

User-friendly on-screen constraints limit the options to get the most correct output, minimizing the possibility of making design mistakes right at the beginning.

For example when creating form views in CI Wizard UI, while you can force any field to be generated as an <input type="text">, you can't select <textarea> form control for fields limited to a few characters. Likewise <select> dropdown menus can only be created when there's appropriate data for them. And so on...