Using "database-first" approach

CodeIgniter Wizard generates the boilerplate code for you

Shortly called CI Wiz, it is the ultimate Rapid Application Development (RAD) utility for PHP code generation, which helps quickly generate an advanced starting point for MySQL/MariaDB database-driven web applications with administrative interfaces.

With its database-first approach, the wizard asks you to select the tables and fields you want to include in your application, and then it automatically generates the necessary models, views and controllers - even the new CodeIgniter 4 entities, supporting standard database CRUD operations namely create, read, update and delete. It even creates a sidebar and (dashboard) home pages automatically using some of the basic data from your generated modules.

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Here's the process of

How CodeIgniter Wizard Works

It's an intuitive, four-step process.

Define a Database
Select Database Table(s)
Generate an MVC Module
Publish the Code

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You will be amazed with the ease of use, the speed and the features!


Subtle, Yet Advanced Features

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The simple, intuitive user interface is designed to help you get the job done as fast as possible. User-friendly on-screen constraints limit the options to get the most correct output, minimizing the possibility of getting erroneous results.

For example when creating form views in CI Wizard UI, while you can force any field to be generated as an <input type="text">, you can't select <textarea> form control for fields limited to a few characters. Likewise <select> dropdown menus can only be created when there's appropriate data for them. And so on...

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