Introducing Parallel Search Deluxe for Mac

You can now look up anything across multiple search engines at once with ease

published on 6 Apr 2021 in Mac Apps

Parallel Search lets you type in your query once and search it across multiple search engines in parallel, and displays the results in a grid of frames obtained from different search engines all at once. The grid can consist of columns and rows, the number of which you can control from the toolbar. You can then view the initial search results in this grid of split browser frames. After that, you can keep browsing in the application's simple browser, or open the links in your favorite web browser.

PHP 8 on macOS 11 with HomeBrew

How to Install PHP 8 to macOS Big Sur Using Homebrew

As part of preparing a local development environment for CodeIgniter Wizard

published on 24 Feb 2021 in Development on macOS PHP Web Development

In this tutorial, we'll install the latest version of PHP using Homebrew on macOS Big Sur, also known as macOS 11. This PHP installation features a rich set of extensions and libraries, including those required by version 4 of the CodeIgniter framework.In the previous tutorial, we've already installed Homebrew on a fresh copy of macOS Big Sur.Now in the Mac Terminal app, I'll simply type: brew install php in the command prompt, and then hit the return key. In this process, my user account...

Homebrew logo

Installing Homebrew on macOS BigSur

A Stepping Stone in Preparing a Robust Development Environment

published on 22 Feb 2021 in Development on macOS

In this article, we are describing a series of step-by-step instructions over the Mac's Terminal CLI, to install Homebrew on a fresh copy of macOS Big Sur.Later, we will install the latest version of PHP (which was 8.01 at the time of this writing), and then we'll use it for our local development environment for working on web applications generated with CodeIgniter Wizard. Later, we will be installing the latest version of PHP using this configuration (which was 8.01 at the time of this writi...

CodeIgniter Wizard version 1.1 screenshot

Introducing CodeIgniter Wizard

A New Powerful PHP CRUD Code Generator for macOS

published on 16 Sep 2020 in PHP Web Development

CodeIgniter Wizard is a relational database-driven PHP code generator and a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool for the Mac which reads your MySQL database tables and columns, presents you with some options to determine which ones to include, how to interpret them, and then quickly creates a working web application with full CRUD functionality based on version 4.x of the CodeIgniter framework. And the wizard creates all the necessary MVC classes with layout and view files.

Beginning Coding and Programming with JavaScript book cover

Beginning Coding and Programming with JavaScript

An Interactive Book Designed for Apple Books

published on 19 Jun 2020 in Tech Books

Beginning Coding and Programming with JavaScript, Ozar's interactive book in Turkish, has been published in the Apple Books section of iTunes Store. It ca be viewed with the Apple Books app for iOS and macOS, provides you with the basic knowledge and practice in order to gain skills required for programming, coding, and software development. With the foundation you will have acquired, you will have the ability to apply your coding knowledge to any programming language, regardless of the platforms.