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CodeIgniter Wizard v1.6 release following v.1.5 and v.1.5.1

You might not know what we did last summer...

A breakdown summary of all the latest updates for CodeIgniter Wizard by version 1.6 pushed to the Mac App Store

published on 21 Jul 2021 in Mac Apps PHP Web Development
In June 2021, several version updates have been made for CodeIgniter Wizard. The development of maintenance and feature releases were so intense that we were late to update our blog to announce them one-by-one. CodeIgniter Wizard has seen a series of maintenance and feature releases throughout last summer. The maintenance release development was so intense that we were late to update our blog to announce them one-by-one.

Here is a breakdown of all updates of CodeIgniter Wizard published in the Mac App Store in July:

Version 1.5 summary:

This version brings various improvements and bug fixes including
  • Brought back the ability to generate code output outside the Downloads folder with the manual handling option of disk write permissions.
  • Added ability to change working directory and the name of created applications.
  • Added ability to filter applications list in the main sidebar.

Version 1.5.1 improvements:

  • The index() method of RESTFul Resource Controllers will now populate datatables(.net) using HTTP POST requests.
  • Help files are updated and received a new, handsome look-and-feel with a sidebar..
  • Other various minor bug fizes and improvements.

Version 1.6 Details:

  • Added support for version 4.1.3 of the CodeIgniter framework.
  • Automatic creation of related modules from joined database tables.
  • Added Bootstrap 5 support.
  • AJAX-based dropdown menus with server-side processing.
  • Improved data-tables server-side processing with client-side caching, reducing calls to back-end.
  • Added facility for refreshing CSRF tokens.
  • Cleaner code output in many areas including view templates.
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements for an even better experience.
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